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Community Neighborhood Block Party Health Fair 

                                                   "BLOCK PARTY PHOTOS"

Lots of children from the neighborhood along with their parents and friends came to the Meet and Greet Block Party.  The children had lots of fun, playing on the moon bounce, touching the animals from the petting zoo, eating hot dogs and meeting new friends. In addition to having the Randolph Place neighbors in attendance, we had children  from the EXTENSION Center Book club led by Mother Ellen Withers along with the Allen Chapel Evening Academy book club led by Pauline Staggers, a retired teacher.  The fire department brought the fire engine and  EMS team to share information about what to do in an emergency situation, Officer MD McCray from 5D came and played with the kids and also shared safety tips and made our day a HEALTHY ONE.  We  would like to also give a special acknowledgment and thanks to all of our FRIENDS such as the University of Maryland Students, OK2B4-JC the DJ, Commissioner Mary Farmer-Allen 5C06 and Commissioner Stu Davenport 5C03, Bob McHome for bringing the animals for the Petting Zoo; students from St. John Military High School, Girls from the National Cathedral School and  to all of our Friends that made our day a success. Thank you all very much.

Mission Statement: 
As a community based organization, it is our mission to provide educational training services that positively impact lives of children, youth and adults living in inner-city neighborhoods. 

To Accomplish our mission,
The EXTENSION Center annually sponsors 6 Special Event Outreach Rallies and  through our Positive Alternative Skill Building Mentoring/Vocational Training Programs we tutor children and youth and  provide Job Readiness Skill Development/ Scholarships/ Workshops for youth and adults. 


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