World Missions Extension Center

A Tax Deductible Donation

        Your donations  will allow us to continue helping inner city children,  youth and families, please select the project/program that you would like for your tax deductable donation to be used for:

KIDZ Programs:

__Adopt a School Project;

__Mentoring/Tutoring children, youth and adult program;

Toys to KIDZ in Need

EXTENSION Center Book club Readers 

Good Samaritan Projects 

Building Expansion Project;

__Toys for KIDZ in need;

__ families in need

__Teen Mom Program;

__Our Positive Alternatives Job Readiness/ Work Force Development


__Community Service Projects

__ Our Just FRIENDS Mentoring/visiting Incarcerated Youth



Checks can be made payable to World Missions  and can be mailed to: P.O. Box 92083 Washington, DC 20090 or you can donate on line through Paypal which is a secured line.
On behalf of the Hurting People that we serve throughout the year, thanks, for your donation.

Peace and blessings,

Dr. J. Perkins, Executive Director




World Missions Innnercity EXTENSION Center Inc.

P.O. Box 92083

Washington, DC 20090-2083

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