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As we prepare for our November 19th Thanksgiving Rally, we want to pause and say a BIG thanks to our FRIENDS and Partners for helping us impact so many children youth and economically deprived inner city families living in shelters, public housing, and other high crime sections of the city.  Below for your information is a list  of some of the accomplishments that we made with your help.(please check out such accomplishments listed below). 

With the November 19th Thanksgiving Rally  only weeks away and having an increased number of families needing food, we ask that you consider making a tax deductible donation  which will help us with the rally being held at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church which is located at 215 Rhode Island Avenue NW ( the door opens at 9:00am for registration and check in) and the rally starts at 10:00am.

We again need your HELP providing food to an increased numember of families who will be coming to the rally for food which will allow them to have food on their table for their Thanksgiving meal.

Any donation that you can make would be considered as tax deductible. And checks should be made out to: World Missions EXTENSION Center:

Thanks again for partnering with us in impacting so many families. We again say thanks for helping/partnering with us in accomplishing the following:

Accomplishments include:

  • This summer partnering with McLean Bible Church we gave awayschool supplies and backpacks to almost 2000 students attendingDC Public Schools at the Back to School Rally.
  • Provided 437  inner-city Children at the DC General Shelter and the neighborhood KIDZ Backpacks with School Supplies at the  August Back to School Rally;
  • By partnering with McLean Bible Church, provided 980 Thanksgiving baskets to families in need of food for their Thanksgiving Meal with their families;
  • Provided  to 300 families and their children ( a total of  843 children) who were physically present at the December 20th Toy Give Away Rally 2529; and additionally provided over 1000 gifts/toys to families referred to World Missions from the community, the Metropolitan Police Department and the Department of Youth Rehabilitative Service;
  • Sponsors weekly fellowship mentorship visits to the Youth Services Detention Center;
  • Provides Homeless people living in shelters care packages, food and clothing;
  • Works with schools in its Adopt a School Program which involves after school mentoring/tutoring students;
  • Through its Good Samaritan Programs, various clean ups, painting, setting up libraries and other good neighbor projects were undertaken through out the year

Have a Great Day and please consider becoming a partner as we can do more together reaching a greater number of children, youth and families in DC become sufficient in all areas of their lives.


Dr. J. Perkins, President/CEO

World Missions Inner-city EXTENSION Center Inc.







Contact Information:

World Missions Inner-city EXTENSION Center Inc

PO Box 92083

Washington, DC 20090-2083 

Email Address:


As a community based organization, the EXTENSION Center's mission is to provide Educational Training services that positively impact lives of children, youth and economically deprived families living in inner-city communities become self-sufficient in all  areas of their lives.


We sponsor annually the following   SIX (6) Outreach Rallies, Educational Training Programs and Good Samaritan Projects.

Outreach Rallies include:

  • January a Prayer Reflections Rally;
  • April a Walk-A-Thon;
  • June A Scholarship Awards Ceremony;
  • August a Back to School Rally,
  • November a Thanksgiving Basket Give Away to needy Families and
  • December Toys to Needy KIDZ Give Away.

Educational Training Programs consist of:  

  • Our Positive Alternatives Job Readiness/Work Readiness Program which is designed to identify jobs and work readiness/mentoring/internships for youth and adults needing employment which lead to self sufficiency in all areas of their lives;
  • Parenting workshops;
  • Adopt a School Mentoring/Tutoring;
  • Volunteerism and Community Service;
  • Mentor/Tutor an incarcerated Youth Program; 
  • Providing Technical Assistance ;
  • Working with EX-offenders

Good Samaritan Projects:

  • Providing emergency assistance to families in need
  • Making referral for services needed by persons living in the community
  • Fix Up/Clean up Projects
  • Clothes Closet & Food Pantry

We are looking for People to volunteer with us as Tutors and Mentors

  •  We are looking for persons to serve as volunteer mentors/tutors for inner-city children, youth and adults needing help in all academic areas and work readiness training. 
  • We are also looking for volunteers interested in visiting and mentoring incarcerated youth in our Department of  Youth Rehabilitative Services Just FRIENDS Ministry.    Should you be interested in volunteering and or doing community service with us, please email us